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MaxAB, the supply chain and logistics platform that connects traders in Africa

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Using data-driven technologies and blockchainThe aim of this project is to develop a state of the art supply system in order to meet the needs of the market.e link retailers to suppliers food and grocery productsThis is the mission of MaxAB. Led by two Egyptians, Belal EL-Megharbel and Mohamed Ben Halim, MaxAB is revolutionising the world of agri-food in Egypt and on the continent.


MaxAB, the e-tailer who isThe European Union is adapting to Africa


Getting goods to the most remote parts of Africa is usually a challenge.u an obstacle course. While traders are managing to get their products to their retail counterparts, other companies with logistical ambitions often struggle to serve the most remote areas efficiently. MaxAB enters the dance by covering both an e-commerce hat and logistician to solve this problem in Egypt and elsewhere.



What exactly is Max AB?


It is abouta platform e-business business-to-business which connects small retailers directly to product companies grocery shop, in manager all the logistics and supply chain processes involved. It thus facilitates interaction between suppliers and retailers, in particular in underserved areas, using data-driven technologies and advanced supply chains.


Retailers can so access from MaxAB to a wider variety of products, branded promotions and credit facilities.


How MaxAB arrive- to provide a unique offer ?


Optimize to have the right number of productssat the right time, in the right place "This is the motto that allows MaxAB from consolidate thehe supply chain, and d'offer, in the first instance, the best prices to retailers, and then to offer a delivery within 24 hours, as long as dealers thatto the shops ofhe areas underserved. The start-up intends to provide an answer to major issues on the continent, la logistics and lAccessibility froms foodstuffs.


MaxAB does not stop there. Po win the trust of its customersIt relies on on transparency in all its transactions by making visible thehe prices, too for both suppliers and retailers. The platform offers in addition different payment methodst and a digital wallet.Solutions designed and implemented in place to facilitate transactions.


MaxAB owes its effectiveness to the technology it has developed.u exploit to enable merchants to to buy and sell, deliver their goods and access support efficiently.




The strongman duo behind MaxAB


This are two Egyptians who co-founded, in 2018, the digital marketplace that abolishes distancesMohamed Ben Halima graduate of Business School Lausanne (BSL) and Belal EL-Megharbel. The The vision of these two men could not be clearer: to breathe new life into the food trade. The two of them set out and put all their energy into this mission.


Belal EL-MegharbelThe former worker at the Middle East carpooling pioneerCareem is on familiar entrepreneurial ground. He worked in the family business before starting his career with the transport company. This pathway allowed him to observe and realise the vital need forThis is the only way to ensure that retailers of consumer goods can continue to sell their products, to find state-of-the-art solutions to their logistical problems. It partners with then à Mohamed Ben Halim to provide a solution via technology.


Together they founded MaxAB, which continues to attract tech investors. The two entrepreneurs s aim to revolutionise thethe agri-food sector, in particular by facilitating exchanges despite logistical challengesand thus contribute to the effort to achieve thees ODD.


A start-up with resounding growth and enormous potential


MaxAB has made a resounding entry into the world of start-ups. Indeed, in 2019, the company raised $6.2 million in funding : what to do to succeed to poshe foundations of its rise.


In three years, she has managed to convince 55,000 traders, manages a fleet of vehicles that carries 130 brands and 2 000 products. It serves about 13 active merchants per month, exploits about tenwarehouses in Greater Cairo, is expanding across Egypt and aims to conquer the rest of the continent. Marquant already entered the Maghreb markets, particularly Algeria, Libya, Maus, Morocco and Tunisia, andlle is positioned as the most funded company and the largest B2B e-commerce platform for retailers and suppliers.


After its fundraising campaign in 2019, in July 2021, the start-up raises again 40 million and does not stop there. EIt has acquired, for an amount not known to the public, the B2B e-commerce and distribution platform WaystoCapbased in Morocco. LThe announcement of this acquisition was made after theollowing the lifting 15 million 25 August 2021 atclose to investors RMBV, IFC, Flourish Ventures, Crystal Stream Capital, Rise Capital, Endeavour Catalyst, Beco Capital and 4DX Ventures - bringing its total Series A funding campaign to $55 million.