We are Fanaka&Co, a solutions agency for shared prosperity in Africa!



We strongly believe that prosperity can and should be shared by all. 

We are convinced that development projects can have a positive impact on the environment. a better impact on people's quality of life.
We believe that it is now possible to reinvent development mechanisms. This is why we have chosen to put innovation for inclusive and sustainable growth.
We are Fanaka&Co, a solutions agency for shared prosperity in Africa!

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Areas of intervention

At Fanaka&Co, our interventions focus on three themes.

Entrepreneurship as a lever for development.

Although not a panacea, entrepreneurship can be a real vector for development for African countries through the creation of jobs, wealth and inclusive growth. It is also the best way to provide sustainable solutions to development problems. development issues. We are working on the design and deployment of programmes to support entrepreneurship in all its forms. in all its forms.

Digital technology as an accelerator to reduce inequalities.

Whether it is to empower the vulnerable, inform and educate the population, optimise access to care for the poorest, open up remote areas, etc., digital technology makes it possible to access to healthcare for the most disadvantaged, opening up remote areas, etc., digital technology can considerably reduce inequalities considerably. It is making its presence felt in all spheres of social life, economic, political and cultural life. We work on efficient digital strategies in development policies.

Innovation for shared prosperity.

Economic growth is still too often associated with increased inequality and social exclusion. How can we sustainably raise the living standards of all populations and not just a minority? and not just a minority? By innovating in the solutions proposed. We put new innovation strategies at the service of improving people's living conditions. of the population.

Methodological approach

Our methodological approach is based on three pillars:

Fanaka Network

A network of organisations (agencies, firms, hubs, etc.) present in in all African countries.

Fanaka Roster

A database of recognised experts on our intervention themes and with an excellent knowledge of the specificities of the African continent and its challenges.

Fanaka Team

A team specialised in the efficient management of development development projects.

Thanks to these pillars, we offer real solutionsWe have developed a comprehensive, pragmatic and applicable approach to African countries' contexts, based on cutting-edge expertise and constantly renewed creativity, a real experience of the issues and a deep knowledge of local realities. 
We work with passion and determination because we are, in one way or another, impacted by the solutions we offer. We don't just give advice, we co-construct solutions with our partners.


Collaboration & Co-creation

We consider that profound changes require networks, allies and solidarity between actors, between territories and between sectors that arise from working together.


True to our principles on each of our missions, our teams bring a deep and unwavering commitment.


We provide real, pragmatic and applicable solutions in the contexts of African countries, based on our expertise, creativity and deep knowledge of the environment.


We apply rigour and methodology in our operations to ensure that our projects are carried out in the best possible time and conditions.


Resolutely turned towards human beings and sharing, Fanaka&Co maximises the impact of development projects for the benefit of the populations.

Opal organisation

We are convinced that each individual has a unique talent. And it is only by creating the necessary conditions for each employee to fully express his or her talent and realise his or her potential that Fanaka&Co will achieve its mission.
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Fanaka&Co is a network of solution providers spread all over Africa:

  • A hundred experts of entrepreneurship, innovation and digital in Africa,
  • A fifty or so geographical referents, present in all the countries of the continent with an in-depth knowledge of the terrain

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