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The ideal partner for a real impact of development projects in Africa!

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We can intervene upstream of a project (framing, design, planning...), accompany its implementation, or intervene downstream (evaluation...).


Our Themes

We are the ideal partner for the real impact of development projects in Africa.


- Structuring of support programmes
- Entrepreneurship in CCI
- Social entrepreneurship
- Women's entrepreneurship
- Green entrepreneurship
- Digital entrepreneurship


- Use of digital technology
- Digital professions
- Digitalisation of public services
- Digital frugality
- Technology for development


- Structuring of innovation ecosystems
- Open innovation (private and public sector)
- Co-design of products and services

Our References

  • 2021 -
Evaluation of the FSPI ICC project
The FSPI ICC project aims to professionalise CCI practitioners and students through a support programme in the digital, film and music sectors. Fanaka&Co has been mandated by the French Embassy to elaborate the logical framework of the project and to carry out the mid-term and final evaluation.

French Embassy in Morocco

auf Logo
  • 2021 -
Safir is an EU-funded programme for youth and the SDGs in 9 countries in North Africa and the Middle East. It supports more than 1000 young people with social, cultural and environmental impact projects and the structuring of a regional ecosystem to increase dialogue between youth and public authorities.

Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie

agence de développement Logo
  • 2020 -
Study of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Congo
Within the framework of this mission, Fanaka&Co assisted AFD in mapping the entrepreneurial ecosystem of VSEs and startups in the Republic of Congo; and in formulating recommendations for the implementation of a support programme taking into account a gender and a digital dimension.

French Development Agency Congo

logo seme city
  • 2020 -
State of play of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Benin
The Agency supported SEME CITY in the mapping, identification and categorisation of all actors in the Beninese entrepreneurship sector and in the implementation of a system of identification and rapid classification of categories of innovative entrepreneurs

SEME CITY Development Agency (ADSC) Benin

agence de développement Logo
  • 2020 -
Study on the potential for synergies between Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
The Fanaka&Co Agency has contributed to the AFD Group's strategic reflection on the potential for synergy and cross-dynamics between scientific research, innovation and entrepreneurship in Africa by illustrating positive synergy initiatives between them

French Development Agency

organisation internationale de la francophonie Logo
  • 2020 -
Mapping of mass training initiatives for digital professions in the French-speaking world
This mission made it possible to draw up an operational classification of the main digital professions and the main related skills, to carry out a mapping of training initiatives for digital professions in the French-speaking world, and to formulate recommendations for the implementation of the project and the training courses

International Organisation of the Francophonie

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