Fanaka Prospective

Let's visualise the Africa we can help build!

Why Fanaka Prospective?

The concept

Africa is the continent of today... and above all of tomorrow! Despite the current situation, which often brings us back to a difficult reality and which sometimes tends to lead us towards a form of Afropessimism, the potential of the continent is undeniable and many facts remind us of it.

These elements (macroeconomic, etc.), although factual, remain rather remote from the daily lives of young Africans. They almost always come from public bodies, governments or international organisations.
And yet, the Africa of the next generation, The Africa of 2050 will be built by the youth entering the workforce today. So, how do today's African youth visualise the Africa they have the responsibility to build?
That's why Fanaka&Co Agency launches the initiative #FanakaProspective! to dream of the Africa we want and can build by optimising the current parameters.


What is Fanaka Prospective?

"If you can dream it, you can make it" Walt Disney. All reality starts from a dream, from a projection into the future, from the visualisation of a desired reality! #FanakaProspective aims to involve African youth in the construction of this projection of the desired future. As young Africans, what kind of Africa do we want to build in the next 25-30 years?

Antoine de St Exupéry tells us that "As for the future, it is not a question of predicting it, but of making it possible.. But it is still necessary to know the future we want, in order to work towards making it possible. And because there is no favourable wind for those who do not know where they are going, we at Fanaka&Co are convinced that the clearer the image, the visualization we have of the future in the minds of African youth, the better we will work towards it and the less hypothetical its advent will seem.


In order to bring out the ideas that will allow us to project ourselves in this Africa of the next 30 years, Fanaka&Co will regularly give the floor to young people from ALL African countries, so that they express themselves by telling the story of the Africa in which they want to see their children, the next generation, grow up. All aspects will be covered: infrastructure, culture, education, economy, technology, agriculture, etc.


Rather than essays, the proposals, of no more than 2 A4 pages, will be stories of everyday life. Slices of life, which will integrate the elements allowing to realize progress in development and in improving the living conditions of the population. These desired realities should be pragmatists and be based on current initiatives or in the process of being launched.

#FanakaProspective is in the process of #AfrOptimisation. The aim is to answer the following question: Starting from the current reality and optimising all the parameters with a dose of pragmatic imagination, what kind of Africa will we have in 2050?

Each year, a new theme will be launched. To contribute, it will be enough to publish, at any time of the year, as many times as desired, on social networks (linkedin, facebook, twitter and/or instagram), a story corresponding to the criteria and the theme, with the hashtag #FanakaProspective and #AfrOptimisation. It would also be possible to send it directly to the email address specifying in the subject line: #FanakaProspective

Every week, we will publish on Fanaka&Co's social networks the best stories received and posted. These stories will be illustrated and broadcast on the interactive platform Fanaka Prospective.

Each year, the 12 best stories will be published in a collection that will be shared online and in print.

So you want to contribute to the 2022 call for proposals? Access the participation modalities here


Africa in 2050.


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