Fanaka Studio

Your reference partner for the co-creation and acceleration of innovative and turnkey solutions for development in Africa!


About Fanaka Studio

You are a State, an international development organization, a public or private institution, a development bank, an NGO, and you work for the economic development of African territories?

You wish to testing new ways of working to address development challenges in Africaand thus implement your programmes and projects more effectively and efficiently?

You wish to implement innovative solutions focused on development issues on the continent, but do not have the time, agility, methodology and human resources to complete these projects in a limited time?

Fanaka Studio is your partner!

We offer new approaches to programme and project development, so that you can find innovative solutions to the complex challenges of development in Africa: we initiate and accelerate the development of your tools and services, then deliver them to you on a turnkey basis with support and/or maintenance.

Our goal is to quickly generate value for you and your partners, and thus foster sustainable growth and inclusive development in Africa.

Our positioning

Our positioning: innovation for impact.

Fanaka Studio is a startup studio that develops innovative and ready-to-use solutions in response to development issues in Africa: entrepreneurship, digital...

With Fanaka Studio, we help our partners to put innovation at the heart of their action, to reinforce their avant-garde positioning in the field of support to the development of African countries and to achieve their agenda.

We position ourselves as the privileged partner of our clients and partners during the upstream reflections concerning their development issues in Africa over the next few years. Thus, we diagnose together in order to discover potential "win-win" collaboration opportunities.

We propose two approaches:

Co-creation of innovative solutions

Together we identify problems and project opportunities in line with our clients' expectations, and then we design and deploy solutions together.

Acceleration of projects

We develop and deliver all tools and services to customers in an agile manner in a limited time.

Fanaka Studio is the key partner to catalyze innovative solutions and address the economic and social development challenges of African countries!

Our innovation process

We mobilise our "expert-entrepreneurs" to meet the needs of our clients and partners with agility, reliability and speed, while guaranteeing the long-term sustainability of the solutions deployed.

We focus on innovative ideasIt is important that we use a variety of methods, including iterations and rapid experimentation, to change the way we approach the resolution of problems. development issues in Africa. 

Our innovation process consists of 5 phases:

What characterises Fanaka Studio?

3 key words characterize us:


We mobilise resources that have evolved in the start-up world and that are able to adapt to our clients' objectives, constraints and timetables in order to design tools that meet the needs of their beneficiaries.


We apply rigour and methodology in our operations to ensure that our projects are carried out in the best possible time and conditions.


We develop solutions that are sustainable and viable in the long term.