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Chargel: technology at the service of transport and logistics in Senegal


In Senegal, an innovative company called Chargel has emerged, deploying a digital platform designed to simplify and optimise freight transport. Although this initiative is not the first of its kind, Chargel is determined to set itself apart and establish a benchmark position in Africa. Founded by the brothers Moustapha and Alioune NdoyeThis start-up has been a resounding success, generating sales in excess of 1.2 million by 2022. This triumph is hardly surprising, given the innovation and efficiency that characterise Chargel's services. In what follows, we introduce you to the logistics start-up, now recognised as one of West Africa's rising freight stars.


Connecting shippers and carriers through technology



Chargel acts as an intermediary between shippers and transport companies, through its innovative digital platform. This platform offers a practical and valuable solution for both parties involved. Visit transportersBy using Chargel, they can find freight at any time, enabling them to drive more efficiently and reduce unnecessary journeys. The shippersFor their part, they have real-time access to available carriers to route their goods more easily.


By choosing ChargelCarriers can expect to increase their revenues through new business opportunities, while shippers can save on their costs. logistical costs usual. Thanks to the digitisation of the delivery processWith Chargel, shippers can track their goods in real time. What's more, they receive electronic notifications and proofs once the delivery has been made, so they can be sure that their goods have been delivered on time. optimum traceability.


In addition to these core functions, Chargel offers a range of complementary services. These include GPS tracker distribution for enhanced monitoring of goods, the possibility ofpurchase fuel at reduced prices to optimise costs, as well as assistance when you need it. repair. The aim of these additional services is to give shippers and carriers peace of mind, allowing them to concentrate fully on their core business.


Was such a concept really useful? Yes! The aim of Chargel is to build a trucking network of reference in West Africa, but not just any company. Innovation and technology are values at the heart of Chargel's offering. What's more, the logistics sector in Africa is particularly promising. Thanks to the intra-regional trade and Continental African Free Trade Areawe can expect growth of 28% by 2030. A digitisation process such as the one implemented at Chargel will overcome the traditional bottlenecks experienced by the freight sector in Africa and will make the sector highly competitive. So the start-up really is on the right track.


Development well under way




Chargel's ambition is to become the largest digital logistics platform in French-speaking Africa. To achieve this, the company has 2.5 million dollar fund raising. This seed financingThe equity and debt financing was completed in October 2022, a few months after another pre-seed round of $750,000.


Thanks to this funding, the company will be able to progress towards its objectives and set up operations in other African countries. According to Raja Kaulfounder and partner of Logos Ventures, the directors of Chargel are well placed to make their start-up a benchmark logistics marketplace in Senegal and elsewhere in West Africa.


Chargel is a young, ambitious company that has everything it takes to excel in the freight sector in Africa. It offers a useful digital solution for shippers of all sizes and for carriers. It is a transparent company that is making freight in Africa more efficient and reliable than ever before. Innovation and technology are the name of the game with Chargel and we wouldn't be surprised to see its reputation extend beyond West Africa.