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FedaPay, the solution that meets the challenges of mobile payments in Benin and Africa


In Benin, as in most African countries, it is often difficult for traders to conduct transactions in the African sub-region. The reason is that these countries have a very low rate of banking and the existing popular solutions such as PayPal are not always accessible from Africa. This is a problem that FedaPay, an online payment aggregator, wants to solve by using mobile money fintech to help thousands of merchants in Benin and the sub-region to develop their activities. Discover in this story how this fintech start-up is helping thousands of Beninese and sub-regional merchants to develop their activities.


Facilitating trade in Benin


The amount of mobile money transactions in recent years in the West African zone is estimated at 5,000 billion CFA francs. With such a volume of transactions, this market is undoubtedly a real opportunity to explore. Indeed, setting up a single online payment solution that brings together mobile money and traditional means of payment such as bank cards can prove decisive. And this is the gamble that Fedapay has taken.


FedaPay is an all-in-one online payment aggregator that integrates bank payments and mobile money. It makes many services available to millions of users in Africa. Its web platform is based on the use of an easy-to-integrate API key that allows entrepreneurs and other professionals to integrate online payments into their websites or mobile applications.


The startup is deployed in three products in order to fully meet the expectations of its customers, whatever their field of activity.


1. Feda Direct, which allows individuals to receive payments anywhere in the world from their smartphones, computers and tablets in complete security, thanks to a simple link.


2. Feda Commerce, which offers companies and e-retailers an easy and flexible way of integrating into any type of application and on any web platform.


3. Feda Connect, which offers large companies full integration into their everyday tools (e.g. customer relationship management systems).


FedaPay, a secure solution, a real guarantee of reliability



Designed to meet the needs of businesses and merchants in Benin in particular and more widely in Africa, FedaPay offers diversified payment solutions adapted to all types of business. Moreover, with its system based on the integration of an API key, its use is simple and accessible to all. Indeed, a single integration gives you access to all available and commonly used payment methods.


In addition, FedaPay has a security policy that allows:


  • Fighting and managing fraud


By implementing an effective security system, the startup ensures the trust and satisfaction of its merchants. As a result, each transaction is checked and validated by its system in order to detect any suspicious activity. On the customer's side, for every purchase made by the customer, the system, via an allied bank, checks the authenticity of the buyer's credit card information. Thus, any false information leads to the refusal of the transaction. The same applies to mobile money transactions, which require a secret code held by the account owner.


  • Securing merchants' money


Merchants' money is managed by a financial institution and is only transferred to the merchant's bank or mobile money account at the merchant's request.


  • Authenticity of registered companies


Each company registered on the platform is first authenticated according to the standards in force in the country where it is established. In doing so, it can only carry out transactions and accept real payments when the information provided is verified and validated by the FedaPay team.




By making online mobile payment services available, FedaPay is directly involved in the expansion of the activities of businesses and e-traders in Benin and in Africa. From every point of view, the platform appears to be a useful solution for any economic agent wishing to sell goods and services in Benin and in the sub-region.